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17 gauge, 1-1/2" hex mesh - VC
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17 gauge, 1-1/2" hexagonal mesh - Vinyl Coated

1-1/2"  woven hexagonal mesh, 17 gauge, Black Vinyl Coated (VC) is often used as apron fence - the ideal fence for beagle training pens and other enclosures. Although more expensive initially, the vinyl coated wire will far outlast the galvanized fence, potentially saving the expense of new wire and cost of installation. Apron fence can also be used as an alternative to galvanized after weaving (GAW) for game bird pens. The heavy 17 gauge galvanized wire is over twice as heavy as normal 20 gauge chicken wire. Unique, hinged 12" apron prevents animals from burrowing under the fence. Keeps raccoons, foxes and other predators out. The apron can be turned in either direction to make a pen or form an outside barrier. Apron fence is easy to install since there is no need to dig a trench. Just bend the fabric along the line wire which runs the length of the roll, 12" up from the bottom. The apron lays on top of the ground and vegetation grows up through the mesh for a neat appearance.

Note: These items are custom coated. See below for minimum order requirements.

Black vinyl coated Apron Fence is available in two heights:
     60" (48" high with 12" apron) minimum order: 54 rolls
     72" (60" high with 12" apron) minimum order: 144 rolls

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