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Vinyl Coated - VC
Vinyl Coated (VC) welded wire mesh and fence has a longer life and is more attractive than plain galvanized wire mesh. This is a premium welded wire mesh product. Many of the specifications feature a Galvanized After Welded (GAW) mesh core wire that is coated with a thick layer of  PVC, tightly bonded to the wire. The PVC used is flexible under a wide temperatue range and will not crack when the wire is bent. This makes a very strong and durable wedled wire mesh. Not only does the PVC seal the wire from water and other corrosive elements, but the underlying mesh is also protected by the thick coating of zinc. UV inhibitors retard degradation from sunlight. There are many uses for this welded mesh including attractive yard and garden fence, pool fence, kennel flooring, dog fence,animal cages, lobster traps.
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