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Welded Wire Fence & Mesh

    Welded wire fence and mesh has been welded together at the point where the wires intersect each other, making a strong, rigid connection. The openings - mesh size - are consistent throughout the roll. "Cage Quality" welded wire mesh is manufactured to more stringent specifications, with strict quality control. This is necessary when the mesh must be cut into pieces that have the same dimensions. Welded wire mesh has many uses, depending on the gauge and mesh size of the wire. The lighter weight, smaller meshes can be used for such purposes as screening, rodent control and gopher barriers. As the gauge, or thickness of the wire increases, welded mesh can be used as a fence.

Galvanized Before Welded (GBW) wire mesh is the most economical. However it has a limited lifetime.

Galvanized After Welded (GAW) wire mesh and fence will last for years. Fabricated mesh is immersed in a bath of molten zinc and is sealed and protected against rust and corrosion by the thick galvanizing.

Vinyl Coated (VC) wire mesh and fence has a longer life and is more attractive than plain galvanized wire mesh. This is a premium welded wire mesh product.

Woven Wire Fence & Mesh

    Woven wire fences and mesh have been woven together at the point where the wires intersect each other. The wires are either woven to themselves or an additional wire has been woven around the intersecting wires. The resultant wire mesh is strong. And a fence made with these meshes has more flexibility, being less rigid than welded wire fence. The meshes, especially in the heavier gauges, will allow the fence to conform to uneven terrain. Since there is no welding involved in producing these meshes, the galvanizing protection is not compromised. The fences will last a long time. Woven wire fences and mesh are ideal to use for horse fence, deer fence, field fence, dog fence and other fences where strength is desired. These products have many uses, depending on the gauge and mesh size of the wire. The lighter weight, smaller meshes can be used for garden fence, bird containment or exclusion, deer fence, tennis courts and similar applications.

Galvanized Before Weave (GBW) wire mesh is made without any welds. The galvanized finish of the wire is never compromised, making a strong, long lasting fence.

Galvanized After Weave (GAW) wire mesh and fence will last for years. After the wires are woven together, the resultant mesh passes through a bath of molten zinc, completely sealing and protecting from rust and corrosion.

Vinyl Coated (VC) woven wire mesh and fence is limited to hexagonal netting or chicken wire. The woven mesh is coated with a thick layer of  PVC, tightly bonded to the wire.

Plastic Fence & Mesh

        Plastic fence and mesh are non-conductive and non-corrosive. They will not rot and are ideal to use in wet areas. Extruded high density polyethylene and polypropylene resins make the meshes strong and durable. UV stabilized, they will stand up to outdoor exposure. They are not affected by extreme temperatures. Plastic fence and mesh are lightweight and easy to work with. You can choose from a variety of colors and mesh sizes. Use these meshes for safety fence, snow fence, crop protection and, bird barriers.
    Plastic Poultry Fence & Netting Cintoflex, designed as a solution for replacing galvanized netting.
    Polyethylene Netting is a long lasting non-woven netting made from high-quality black polyolefin resins.
    Safety Fence & Mesh from Tenax available in two different meshes - diamond and oval.
    Snow Fence & Mesh is strong, high quality, and durable - two weights available.
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