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Plastic Poultry Fence & Netting - Cintoflex
Cintoflex mesh and netting from Tenax was designed more than 15 years ago as a solution for replacing galvanized netting. It is made from non-toxic, flexible, black, UV stabilized high density polyethylene with characteristics that withstand the effect of weather (extremes of hot and cold) and contaminates such as acids generated on the poultry farm. Cintoflex is produced by a patented stretching and extruding process. As a result, the mesh is manufactured as a continuous net, possessing strength normally associated with wire netting. This mesh and netting is easily handled and installed, due to its extremely light weight. Fewer supports are required to hold up the fence. In places where height is required, the extra wide rolls make installation easier. It can be installed similar to any conventional fenceing. Using a bracing wire will give support. Depending on the application, Cintoflex may not always be a good replacement for wire fence and mesh. Cintoflex "P" was developed as a stronger mesh to be used as Deer Fence.
There are four different mesh sizes available:
C - 2"x1-3/4", has a breaking load of 610 pounds per foot
D - 1"x1-1/2", has a breaking load of 550 pounds per foot
E - 1/2"x3/4", has a breaking load of 355 pounds per foot
M - 3/4"x1", has a breaking load of 332 pounds per foot
P - 2"x1-3/4", has a breaking load of 686 pounds per foot.
Mesh openings are nominal. Due to the way the mesh is manufactured, there may be a small variation from the measurements shown.
Cintoflex "P" - 1-3/4" x 2" Black Plastic Deer Barrier Fence

Cintoflex "P" - 1-3/4" x 2" Black Plastic Deer Barrier Fence

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