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Keepsafe Diamond Mesh Horse Fence
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Keepsafe Diamond Mesh Horse Fence

Keepsafe Diamond Mesh horse fence is a Red Brand product made by Keystone Steel. The mesh is made by weaving galvanized wires into a 2"x4" diamond pattern. Heavy double twisted 12-1/2 gauge wires, spaced 4" apart, run horizontaly. Vertical angled 14 gauge wires are woven around the horizontals and are spaced 2" apart at the widest point. Diamond mesh is very strong, yet flexible. The small tight mesh prevents hooves and legs from becoming entangled in the fence. There are no sharp projections to injure horses or people. This horse fence is available with class 1 and class 3 galvanizing. Contact us for information about class 3 wire.

Keepsafe Diamond Mesh is the premier fence for horses. 

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