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10/12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" Woven Non-Climb - GBW
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10/12-1/2 gauge, 2"x4" non-Climb Woven Mesh Galvanized Before Weave Fence
Woven non-climbable fence mesh provides both attractive appearance and long life. Strong steel wire is galvanized for maximum rust protection. Stiff "square" knots, formed by a third piece of wire woven around each intersection, hold horizontal and vertical wires securely, yet allow for ease of erection over uneven land. The woven knots are both rust-resistant - they will not hold water, and smooth - protecting both animals and people from injury. This 2"x4" mesh woven non-climbable fence has heavy 10 gauge top and bottom wires and strong 12-1/2 gauge horizontal and vertical filler wires. This strong mesh is ideal for fencing in horses, ostrich, emu, large dogs, goats and other animals.
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