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14/16 gauge, 2"x2" Woven - GBW
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14/16 gauge, 2"x2" Woven Mesh Galvanized Before Weave Fence
Woven 2"x2" non-climbable fence mesh provides both attractive appearance and long life. 14 gauge top and bottom and 16 gauge filler wires are galvanized for maximum rust protection. Stiff "square" knots, formed by a third piece of wire woven around each intersection, hold horizontal and vertical wires securely, yet allow for ease of erection over uneven land. The woven knots are rust-resistant - they will not hold water, and smooth - protecting both animals and people from injury. Lighter than the 2"x4" mesh horse fence, this 2"x2" mesh is suitable for enclosures for smaller animals and gardens.
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