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Buy the wire fence, welded wire mesh and woven wire fence you need! - we are not just an internet company...
We are a long established distributor of welded and woven wire fence and mesh with years of experience in the industry.
  • Purchase the wire mesh or wire fence you are having difficulty finding. 
  • Buy top quality woven wire or welded wire products that will give you many years of service.
  • Discover a source to rely on when your local retail stores don't have the wire mesh or wire fence you need.
  • Choose from a wide variety of wire fence and mesh products suitable for your project.
  • Eliminate the frustrations due to the lack of fence choices available to you.
  • Get answers to your questions and information about wire fence and wire mesh products.

We specialize in wire fence, woven wire and welded wire mesh - fences and meshes ideal for:
  apron fence   kennel flooring
  beagle training pens & running grounds   indoor storage areas
  bird cages   lawn fence
  boundary fence   lobster & crawfish traps
  cat fence   machinery guards
  deer exclusion/containment fence   ornamental fence
  dog run fence   poultry & garden fence

  emu & ostrich fence

  problem animal control
  farm & field fence    rabbit cages
  ferroconcrete construction   railing filler panels
  gamebird cages & pens   sheep & goat fence
  garden fence   silt fence backer
  gopher barrier   snow fence
  greenhouse benches   swimming pool fence
  hardware cloth   tennis court fence
  horse & paddock fence

  zoo cages & display

Look no further...
Your search is over... 
You have found your source for top quality welded and woven wire fence and mesh.   

Unusual and hard-to-find items are our strength.
Let us put our years of experience to work for you!
Welded Wire Fence and Mesh

        Galvanized Before Welded (GBW)

    • strong and rigid construction
    • consistent mesh size openings throughout the roll
    • many uses, depending on the gauge of the wire and mesh size
    • heavier gauges can be used as a fence
    • most economical
    • limited lifetime
    • general purpose welded wire mesh
    • uses: economical animal cages, low cost fence, indoor partitions

        Galvanized After Welded (GAW)

    • longer liferesists rust and corrosion
    • mesh is completely sealed and protected by zinc coating
    • use for animal cages and enclosures, ground wire for outdoor bird pens
    • uses: whenever a strong, long lasting, predator resistant welded wire mesh or fence is needed
        Vinyl Coated (VC)
    • longest life - a very strong and durable welded wire mesh
    • most types feature Galvanized After Welded (GAW) core wires
    • attractive finish - black or green
    • PVC is tightly bonded to the wire
    • PVC is flexible under a wide temperature range
    • PVC will not crack when the wire is bent
    • PVC seals the wire from water and corrosive elements
    • UV inhibitors retard degradation from sunlight
    • uses: yard and garden fence, pool fence, kennel flooring, dog fence, animal cages, lobster trap

    Woven Wire Fence and Mesh

          Galvanized Before Weave (GBW)

      • wire mesh made without any welds
      • galvanized finish of the wire is never compromised
      • woven with heavy wire, resulting in a robust fence
      • strong, long lasting fence
      • longevity is dependent on the gauge of wire used
      • uses: field fence, horse fence, deer fence, sheep and goat fence, large animal containment
      • lighter 20 gauge and 17 gauge 1-1/2" mesh hexagonal netting
      • uses: garden fence, Apron fence for training pens and game bird containment

          Galvanized After Weave (GAW)

      • will last for years
      • excellent rust protection
      • wires are woven, then mesh run through a bath of molten zinc
      • wires are completely sealed and protected from rust and corrosion by the thick galvanizing
      • available in hexagonal netting and small mesh hardware cloth
      • uses: bird pens and enclosures, problem wildlife exclusion, crayfish and crab traps, when rust prevention and long life are desired

          Vinyl Coated (VC)

      • limited to hexagonal netting or chicken wire
      • extremely durable woven wire mesh
      • woven mesh is coated with a thick layer of  PVC, tightly bonded to the wire
      • PVC flexible under a wide temperatue range
      • PVC will not crack when the wire is bent
      • UV inhibitors retard degradation from sunlight
      • uses: garden fence, bird pens and deer exclusion fence.
      Plastic Fence and Mesh
          Plastic Poultry Fence
      • Cintoflex mesh - from Tenax, designed as a solution for replacing galvanized netting
      • made from non-toxic, flexible, UV stabilized high density polyethylene
      • manufactured as a continuous net, possessing strength normally associated with wire netting
      • withstands the effects of weather (extremes of hot and cold) and contaminates such as acids
      • easily handled and installed, due to its extremely light weight
      • fewer supports are required to hold up the fence
      • extra wide rolls make tall installations easier accomplish
      • Cintoflex "P" was developed as a stronger mesh to be used as Deer Fence
      • four mesh sizes: C - 2"x1-3/4", D - 1"x1-1/2", E - 1/2"x3/4", M - 3/4"x1",  and P - 2"x1-3/4"
        • long lasting non-woven netting
        • made from high quality black polyolefin resins
        • diamond or square mesh openings in different sizes
        • non-corrosive, lightweight, non-conductive and UV stabilized
        • stands up to long term outdoor exposure
        • ideal for use in damp areas
        • light weight, flexible and easy to use.
        • uses: bird pens, in some applications may be used as an alternative to wire cloth
        • two meshes - diamond and oval
        • three styles available
        • rolls have smooth bottom and top borders
        • less likely to cut and scrape hands and adjacent materials during installation
        • lightweight, easy to handle and install
        • easy to store after use
        • uses: temporary fence around swimming pools, construction and demolition sites, crowd control

            Snow Fence

        • strong, high quality and durable
        • 4"x1" horizontal openings decelerate wind and collect tons of snow
        • extruding and stretching process creates an exceptionally strong fence
        • two styles available
        • lightweight compact rolls are easy to install and reuse
        • uses: snow fence, beach/sand fence, problem erosion areas, crowd controls, construction sites

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